Why we have written this book.

  •   Civilization has progressed for thousands of years. But we have now reached a critical convergence of conditions that will have harmful and irreversible consequences for the planet and our way of life.
  •  Virtually every aspect of our economies, politics, social and global relationships are intricately connected. And choices made in one realm will  affect most every other area. We have identified five core challenges that need immediate attention and remedies, or our way of life will literally become extinct. 
  • The proposed solutions are based on new ideas for how to use disparate information to make more informed and beneficial choices for the greater good. While there are many competing interests and priorities in economics, politics and beliefs, the ways in which choices have been made are no longer adequate for the  immediate challenges we face —we either evolve in the ways we set priorities, or life as we know it can become extinct.

  1.  Economic priorities and choices
  2. Information influences, cyber-security and “news” based politics
  3. Technological resources and priorities
  4. Global environmental practices and conditions.
  5. Energy development and resources
  6. Societal/philosophical belief systems and conflicts  

  • The decisions that affect our lives are too often controlled by narrow or proprietary interests, and the outcomes are not usually for the “greater good”. The authors have merged two disciplines with a long history of observing natural conditions and human behavior — historical astrological cycles and modern trend analysis. Each author has extensive experience in their respective disciplines, and have the same concerns about imminent threats and challenges.  They have discovered a commonality of fundamental causes and likely outcomes if current trends continue, and agreement about how make better choices for the future.  
  •   The book’s propositions are not just altruistic, but demonstrate how change for the greater good will also be a very good business for those that embrace the new paradigm for choices.  
  • Available  at Amazon now.

Our Choice - Extinction or Evolution is now available on Amazon, in print and Kindle.