Two disciplines are smarter than one. The Analyst and the Astrologer.

  • The Astrologer.  Linda Schurman is a preeminent economic and historical astrologer and has been publishing her newsletters and interpretations for over 40 years. Linda is the author of two prior books of astrological guidance for identifying cyclical influences on economies, technology, social conditions and politics. Prior to the 2008 economic collapse Linda had written extensively about the imminent economic and social and environmental crises which proved extremely prescient. Learn more about Linda at  

  •   The Analyst. Richard Spitzer has designing research studies about business, economic and consumer behavior, communications influences and future trends for over 40 years, in both the corporate world and as a consultant. Over the past 15 years Richard has developed and  operated a business based on his  macro-trend methods for economic activities, based on text and predictive analytics. Learn more about Richard at  

Linda Schurman

Rich Spitzer

About Richard

Rich Spitzer has as much experience as anyone I've ever met in observing and analyzing human sentiment. The techniques he's developed over the years, starting with traditional surveys to complex text analytics have been groundbreaking. His collaboration here with Linda Schurman blends these techniques with his continuing quest to better understand human sentiment and behavior.


James B Treleaven, PhD

CEO, Via Strategy Group, LLC

Adjunct Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago.


Rich takes a very analytical approach to problem solving.  He uses concrete data as a tool and then adds his own perspective to provide proactive solutions to marketing and business problems.  Having had years of hands on experience with both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, he is able to read between the lines, thus offering direction for future opportunities.


Yale Gordon


Yale Gordon & Associates Marketing Communications


"As a researcher, Rich possesses that rare quality of quantitative precision coupled with intuitive enlightenment.  It is what enables Rich's extraordinary ability to see patterns that no one else discerns and more accurately predict future outcomes especially those predicated on leveraging his superior knowledge of human behavior." Mike Shutty, Digital media entrepreneur

Rich Spitzer has a gift of being able to examine socio-economic undertones and macro-economic trends that link behavior to future outcomes.  Rich possesses a strong analytical background and the ability to effectively communicate research findings.”

Bill Lattyak, Vice President, Scientific Associates

   Rich Spitzer’s insights into how to tap into the pulse of things going on is amazing and accurate. He has the experience to fulfill his creativity with a concept and visualizing to craft a valuable tool.  Not only does he have strong and inventive concepts but he can think both within standard norms as well as “outside the box”. He has an open-minded pursuit of information, and intuitiveness and genuine talent in knowing the intricate pulse of information.

Cindy Toflinski, Independent research consultant

About Linda

  • “Linda Schurman correctly predicted the financial downturns of the decade back in the 1990s.  She has an amazing track record in predicting the geopolitical upheavals we are currently experiencing.  She successfully combines information from global financial, political, and scientific sources with historical research and future planetary placements, to create not only a startling picture of our future, but points the way to humanity’s creation of a world that can work for all its inhabitants.” James H. Cook, PhD, (Legal Consultant)

“I have followed Linda Schurman’s continually advancing forecasts of complex economic, political, and human psychological trends for over 20 years.  Her descriptions have proven themselves to be insightful, comprehensive, and helpful to all who will listen.”  Ronee Bank, M.D. (Psychiatrist)

“Over the years, I have learned to listen to the advice given by Linda Schurman.  She has demonstrated time and again that her analysis and insights into world affairs and trends is consistently accurate.  On a personal level, because of her, I moved my retirement monies out of the stock market into fixed income investments before the 2008 crash and made money.  At that time, many of my colleagues who had not done so lost almost half of their investments.”  Claire Kenna, M.B.A,, Software Engineer