We need to set technology priorities and make the choices.

To help start the discussion, we have created our scorecard of technology needs and priorities.

  • Technology has been a marvel of human evolution and provided extraordinary improvements in life. But today we must reexamine how to use technology for the greatest good and for progress. 
  • Many technologies have evolved faster than the human ability to use them safely and most effectively. We need to reset technological priorities to the current threats. With a bit of planning, consensus, and wisdom, technology prioritization can be both beneficial and still financially successful to businesses.  We do believe most vested interests understand the nature of the challenges and possess the resources, organization and systems to alter the trends. 
  •  To help start the discussion, we’ve created our own scorecard of technology needs and priorities. Each challenge is rated on five considerations: critical need for the capability, intensity of the resources to develop and commercialize, the time it will take to implement practical applications, the overall economic benefit and a bottom line assessment of the urgency of each challenge in our Extinction vs. Evolution context. 
  •  We are using a familiar 10-point scale. The higher the score the greater the level of urgency, resources needed or benefits to be obtained. For example, there is a critical need for information and cybersecurity and remedies for intentionally dangerous “news”; trust of information is critical to our future and there are enormous economic opportunities. And with the technology available today, most of the resources are readily available and with the will and wisdom could be implemented relatively quickly, within 3 to 5 years.