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Our world, society and institutions are faced with more challenges, and yet more opportunities, than at any time in history. And while there are plenty of opportunities, there has been a convergence of threats to our way of life that could have negative and irreversible consequences for us all.

Our recent book, Our Choice — Extinction of Evolution by the Analyst and the Astrologer, (Spitzer, Schurman) examines the nature of the threats and challenges, and proposes new ideas for how we must revise our priorities and make choices for a “greater good”.

But a single book is not enough.

Books and other writings can present a detailed analysis of any issue, and hopefully engage our interests and motivate us to become more informed and involved. But a book can be out-of-date as soon as it’s published. 

We want to make the best choices for ourselves and our businesses, but we don’t have the time or tools to even get, analyze and understand all the information around us. Households and businesses need to make decisions every day, about how to protect against risks and how to take advantage of opportunities that are developing.

But we are overloaded with news and information that’s moving faster than ever. We can all use new perspectives and ideas to help us be more informed and able to make better choices for our families, society and our businesses.

Introducing the Critical Trends Monitor. 

We need a continuous monitor of the critical issues to provide a scorecard about their status and report on progress being made to counter the current negative trends. 

Our goal is to help more people and institutions be informed, with useful measurements and benchmarks of our progress in dealing with the critical challenges facing people and the planet.

Alerts + opportunities. It’s clear that our intent at CTM is to sound the alarms, generate interest and promote new approaches to making better choices.

Yet each critical challenge also offers extraordinary opportunities for the necessary role of capitalism and economic opportunity. 

Most of the institutions that we believe are making incorrect or inadequate choices about economic policies, the environment and social issues are the very same institutions that have the skills and resources to apply them in new directions for the greater good.

Bottom line- there are substantial economic benefits, for everyone, if we set new criteria for priorities and decision-making that are different than what we have been doing for far too long. 

We wrote our book because we are concerned about current trends and how we make decisions affecting our future.

But we can’t just wait to see how things turn out. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of reports, indicators, index measures and official government reports about every type of economic, environmental and social subject. Analysts, planners and decision-makers have vast amounts of data available, super computers for analysis, and a 24/7 flow of news, opinions and forecasts.

To use that now familiar cliché, “how’s that working for us”?

We need the equivalent of an intensive care monitoring unit to understand current conditions and watch them continuously. Thus, we have created our own scorecard of the overall progress being made in the United States and around the world for each of the critical challenges.

We believe our unique merger of macro-trend analysis and historical astrological guidance is a new and very useful approach to better making better choices. 

CTM will help identify and apply the nature of the cycles and trends that can influence decisions and actions of people, businesses, political and social institutions. We are all connected- CTM will help us understand those connections and provide a practical reality check on our progress toward a prosperous and safe life for ourselves and our planet.

Introducing the Critical Trends Monitor program.

The Critical Trends Monitor (CTM) is a subscription program to provide a trend analysis based on the issues described in Our Choice — Extinction or Evolution, now available on Amazon.

CTM will provide a specific report and assessments of the critical issues, covering:

• A measurement of the level of urgency and threat level of each critical issue.

• Our observations, comments and forecasts about current conditions and their short-term trajectory.

• Identification of risks and opportunities, ranging from political engagement to commercial benefits,

• Trend analysis of key economic indicators and implications of current economic sentiment and expectations.

• An astrological review of current conditions and the astrological nature of near-term cycles that can have influences on economic, societal and behavioral choices.

• The primary subjects of CTM analysis are:

o Economic conditions and issues.

o Cybersecurity, internet-based information influences

o Environmental issues.

o Political conditions, policies, effectiveness and leadership.

CTM subscription programs.

1. The quarterly Critical Trends Monitor

o CTM will be published by the second week of the start of each quarter.

o January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15 of each year.

o There will be periodic flash reports when we find new information that can have a significant influence and change our interpretation or suggestions from a prior report.

o Subscription price = $120 per year for four reports plus flash alerts.

2. The monthly MacroTrend Analysis of core economic issues.

o Primary economic subjects include consumer spending, the stock market, housing and other key indicators of economic health. 

o Special analyses of economic uncertainty and volatility. 

o Flash alerts when significant economic events/news occur between reports. 

o Core economic comparisons to CTM indicators, optional custom reports for business clients. 

o The CTM research database started in September 2006 and continues to be updated monthly.

 The CTM measures are effective leading indicators core economic activity. CTM data can be used by professional analysts, strategic planners and anyone who needs better leading indicators of economic trends, volatility and the dominant role of Uncertainty in our economic environment. Please contact us for information about data licenses and custom reports.

3. Monthly astrological report. Perhaps the most unique element of CTM is the collaboration of the Analyst and the Astrologer, Rich Spitzer and Linda Schurman. In our book we have reintroduced the neglected discipline of astrological analysis as an external influence that should be considered in business and societal decision-making and planning. 

o Linda will continue to provide a monthly newsletter of her astrological interpretation of cycles, and their influences on both current events and the implications for a monthly outlook and longer-term cycles.

o Linda’s report, available at , will be available at no cost throughout 2018.